Started its business back in 2002, as a small retail delicatessen store. Owned and operated as a family business, a year later the company started to import and distribute a variety of products from South Eastern Europe. Presently, the company is importing and distributing over 1000 different products from: Bosnia, Serbia, Croatia, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Slovenia, Germany, Greece, Latvia, Russia, Poland, etc.
We are not only supplying retail stores, but we also supply other distributors and retail chains all around Canada.

     We carry different lines of products such as; Frozen food, Sausages and Smoked Meat Products, Cookies, Juices, Pickled Vegetables, Vegetable Spreads, Jams and Preserves and many more…

      We offer very good service, either we deliver locally or we ship to other cities and provinces.


6464 Beresford street
Burnaby BC

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Contact us

Phone number:
 +1 604 568 0060
+1 604 568 0488